Monday, December 4, 2006

Israel & Palenstine via AP

Israeli Army Kills Palestinian, Arrests 17 in West Bank Despite Decision to Scale Back Raids

Associated Press Writer

AP Photo JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Israeli army killed a Palestinian and arrested 17 militants Monday in raids across the West Bank, despite a decision by the military to scale back such operations in order to bolster a shaky truce with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Although the cease-fire agreement does not cover the West Bank, militants in Gaza have repeatedly threatened to break the truce and launch a wave of reprisal attacks because of Israeli military operations there.

"I wouldn't rule out ending the cease-fire in a few short days if the enemy continues like this," Hamas spokesman Abu Obeideh said. {emp. mine} (link)

Read the whole thing. Even though the story is almost pro-Israel, the title (which is what most people would see and then move on, being a 'headline' country that we are) is misleading to say the least. Only by actually reading the article (past the first few paragraphs which stay with the title theme of Israel=bad) can you see that the Israelis were after a terrorist and his acomplis that were fleeing an arrest. Then of course you have conflicting stories; Israel claims one flee-er dead, one wounded and arrested (target of the raid), the Palestinians (Hamas) claim one 'militant' wounded along with one teenager and one civilian dead.

The article goes on about the cease-fire that was put into effect last week, mentioning the 16 rockets that have been fired at Israel since (11 in the 'first hours'). The author makes no distinction to the fact that you can not have a cease-fire if both sides don't actually stop firing. He does (in his title) mention that Israel is still defending itself while saying they are scaling back on raids.

It is utterly amazing that 'journalists' have lost the ability to simply report the news without letting personal bias interfere. Granted the piece itself was better than most AP articles, but the misleading headline pretty much tells you where the reporter's loyalties lie.

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