Thursday, December 21, 2006

get paid to blog

Seems PayperPost is changing directions and asking (demanding?) posters to disclose the fact that they are being paid to make certain posts if they get paid to blog. I guess I should have read more into it when I applied, since I thought you had to anyway :)

I'm glad I decided to put that I was being paid to post certain things (if they ever actually pay me, so far not) simply because I thought it was the right thing to do. And now looks like it is the required thing to do.

They will be coming out tomorrow with a press release stating that the blogger has to have a disclosure on site, I would think they'd want each post to be disclosed, but I just work for them hehTM.

Ok, this is my 'paid-to-post' post about PayperPost. I still encourage others to look into it, advertisers get relatively cheap advertising (based on page ranks and such) and bloggers get some extra cash for ... posting.
Reason to get paid

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