Monday, December 18, 2006

From the Left

Via Townhall: (it is a link to Andrew Sullivan's site, I said I wouldn't do it, but he's away and it's a guest blogger)

10 things I love about America

17 Dec 2006 12:08 pm


Over the next few days, alongside all the other stuff, I hope to introduce you to some of the best things on the British blogging and journalism scene. But if I'm going to do that it seems only fair if I start with 10 things I love about America:

1. Loaded potato skins

2. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

3. Walt Disney

4. The fact that almost everyone you meet in America is incredibly polite

5. The fact that almost everyone you meet in New York isn't

6. The West Wing

7. Martin Luther King

8. The steaks at Morton's

9. The Manhattan Institute

10. The fact that you send your children across the world to risk their lives for liberty and spend billions of your dollars on it, even though the people whose liberty you are saving, including my fellow Europeans, don't say thank you properly

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Sully's site would be much better if this guy posted more, of course his other posts may be bad, but they still wouldn't match Queen Sockpuppet's bottom-dwelling spit.
Reason to see the light?

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