Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Finally some good news on the home front:

Dow closes above 12,500 for first time

AP Photo: In this photo released by the New York Stock Exchange, Noreen Culhane, third left, Executive...

By JOE BEL BRUNO, AP Business Writer 19 minutes ago

NEW YORK - Wall Street surged higher Wednesday, hurtling the Dow Jones industrials past 12,500 for the first time as year-end bargain hunters picked up stocks across a variety of sectors.

The auto industry was in focus after a meeting between executives at Toyota Motor Corp. and Ford Motor Co. sparked hope about a potential alliance between the two rivals. Shares of both companies moved higher on the speculation.

Further takeover activity lent support to the overall market after McClatchy Co. announced late Tuesday it agreed to sell the Star Tribune newspaper in Minneapolis to a private equity fund. Also, graphics communication company Cenveo Inc. agreed to buy rival Cadmus Communications Corp.

But investors looking to buff up their portfolios by year's end were behind most of the gains after major indexes languished last week. (link)

Thank G-d the democrats won congress so the economy would get better. It's amazing that they havn't even officially taken over yet the economy is booming. All that unpleasantness the republicans put the poor 'ole economy through must have finally wore off.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic, but you wouldn't know from reading the papers pre- and post-election regarding the economy and state of union in general.

Just the last person I would have expected to see:
John Edwards joins presidential race AP

AP Photo: John Edwards smiles as he is interviewed by reporters during a break while working with...

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer 7 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - Former Democratic vice presidential nominee
John Edwards jumped into the presidential race Wednesday a day earlier than he'd planned, prodded by an Internet glitch to launch a candidacy focused on health care, taxes and other domestic issues.

The North Carolina Democrat's campaign accidentally went live with his election Web site a day before an announcement Thursday that was supposed to use Hurricane-ravaged New Orleans as a backdrop.

The slip-up gave an unintended double-meaning to his campaign slogan on the John Edwards '08 Web site: "Tomorrow begins today."

Aides quickly shut down the errant Web site but could not contain news of the obvious, even in the shadows of former President Ford's death.

"Better a day earlier than a day late," said Jennifer Palmieri, an Edwards adviser. (link)

So his site was up early so couldn't take advantage of the people of New Orleans. Doesn't he think that just maybe they have suffered enough and he should help them instead of exploiting them? (probably not) Well, there goes Hillary's chances (hehTM). With so many candidates staking their particular field out, Edwards comes in as 'the rich man for the poor man' candidate. Although his record doesn't reflect that, or his lifestyle; that is the way he will portray himself with ample help from the MSM. (Note: when all candidates are favorites of the MSM, who gets slandered? Republicans :)
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