Friday, December 15, 2006

The Death Penalty & the 'Village' (idiot)

Seems the officials in Florida executed a man ... wrong o.O
Official Says Fla. Execution Was Botched
OCALA, Fla. - The execution of a convicted killer took 34 minutes - twice as long as normal - because officials botched the insertion of the needles that delivered the lethal chemicals, a medical examiner said Friday.

Dr. William Hamilton, who performed the autopsy, said the needles pierced Angel Nieves Diaz's veins and then went into soft tissue in his arms. The lethal chemicals are supposed to go directly into the veins.

Hamilton refused to say whether he thought Diaz died a painful death. (link)
One of the things wrong with the death penalty is the fact that after a society has decided that it is acceptable to make someone pay the ultimate price for their crimes, we still worry that they may have a moment of pain before they die. Considering people aren't executed for political dissent (or even treason now-a-days), these people have taken someone's life. Usually without any regard to feelings of pain or personal sacrifice. They made the decision to take a life and are paying for it according to our laws. If they feel any pain at all, it is a fast and fleeting pain, usually not the same as their victims or the life-long pain of the victims families and (I feel) justifiable to carry out the sentence.

If you must execute someone, worry more about the end result and not so much the 'pain' they may or may not suffer.

It takes a villageTM (idiot):
Clinton to Tout Re-Release of 'Village'
Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- It will be a daytime gabfest with Barbara, Rosie - and Hillary.

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be making the rounds of the morning shows

next week, promoting the rerelease of her book, "It Takes a Village," while getting some major television exposure as she weighs a likely 2008 presidential bid.

The Democrat will be interviewed Monday on NBC's "The Today Show," and will join Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Walters on ABC's "The View" on Wednesday. She'll also do several book signings around New York.(link)

Since this went over so well the last time she said it, why not trot it out again for the Presidential run. Of course she has to come up with something to put her past BHO in the primaries. The U.N. could tell you exactly how well the village raising your children concept runs. Hopefully one of these days, she and others like her will understand exactly what personal responsibility is all about. But I wouldn't count on it, she is after all Mrs. 'IS' Clinton.

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