Sunday, December 17, 2006

Civil War in Palestine

When will NBC call this a civil war?

Factional Violence in Gaza Escalates

Washington Post Foreign Service
Sunday, December 17, 2006; 11:20 AM

JERUSALEM, Dec. 17--Gunmen opened fire on the convoy of the Palestinian foreign minister from the governing Hamas movement Sunday in the tense aftermath of President Mahmoud Abbas's call for early elections. Hours later a mortar attack on the presidential compound in the Gaza Strip wounded five people and a Palestinian civilian was killed in running gun battles.

Hamas officials condemned the attack on Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar's motorcade, which came as it passed through Gaza City, as an assassination attempt. There were no reports of injuries in the attack on the motorcade. (link)

Not that I'm complaining or anything, as long as Fatah and Hamas are attacking each other, that buys respite from their attacks for the Israeli people.

Now if the world would condemn this violence like they do any violence against the arabs living in Palestine, then it may be a step up. If Israel defended itself against an attack by either of these parties, there would be a new condemnation from the HR committee of the U.N., but since it is arab killing arab, not so much.

You ever wonder why we don't have headlines about factions in Israel killing each other over politics? Or that a red state in the US has attacked the leaders of a blue state? Maybe because the problem isn't with the 'civilized' countries at all, but with the backwater factions that think being a 'victim' entitles them to the right to kill anyone they please and get a free pass in the 'international' community and the MSM.
Reason among the dhimmikrauts

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