Friday, December 1, 2006

Bloggers Wanted

I'm looking for people interested in blogging here. I realize that the majority of my viewers already blog (thanks both of you guys^^) but this is mainly to the click-thrus and google-searchers that end up here.

You don't have to agree with me on anything, I would like to keep this blog slightly to the right, but if you have a good email, I may add you no matter what your views. I will reserve the right to add whom I want, since I do pay for this domain and website (at the moment the blog itself is still free) and I will delete you if you go to far (in my opinion) on anything (language, content).

I will not delete or censor anyone for disagreeing with me or posting a opinion that I don't agree with. As I said, I would prefer to stay right of center, but I'm somewhat flexible.3

Send an email to Blog and tell me about yourself (be honest) and I'll look at adding you. The first 2 (if I get 2 lol) people will get a yourname at lordnazh dot com email addy with ~80mb worth of storage. (if for some unearthly reason I have more people interested I can be persauded into upping my email capabilities)

So if anyone is interested at all, let me know. I do have another guy coming in *supposedly* to blog, he's more of a political guy than I am and he's been busy. Thaiphoon is his handle (probably will be Thai on posts) and hopefully he can save me from myself long enough to get this going.

Thanks for the reads/views and interest. And thanks to everyone (all 4 or 5 of you) that have linked to me (not counting the blogroll guys, thanks to them also).

Lord Nazh

Note: Friday Free-for-all day at StoptheACLU

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