Saturday, December 30, 2006

blog advertising

Pay-per-post in a move to secure blog advertising has acquired I have used Performacing on my firefox browser and like it (I stopped using it when I switched to beta and not sure if it works with the new blogger yet) but never used the metrics programs that PPP also purchased.

This looks like a good move for PPP in establishing that they are 'here to stay' . Customers and advertisers alike will be able to use the metric tools to track the good posts from the bad (could be bad news for some, like me) and the bloggers can use Performancing to blog more easily (especially if you use blogger).

I haven't done a PPP post in awhile, just havn't seen any good opportunities to use it. I don't want to plug things I have not done/tried or disagree with (unless they want good or bad opinions of course) and most of the good opportunities are for higher PR blogs (I'm still a lowly zero on the PR scale), so my options are somewhat limited.

Of course the fact that I've been working alot and doing family things might have something to do with it also :) But with this new acquisition, I may have to do more of these posts. At least I need to sign up for metrics and fully test the capabilities of it.

On the whole, good move for both PPP and Performacing, sure to help a legion of bloggers and advertisers meet and get happy together.

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