Friday, December 8, 2006

American Despotism

Unalienable Rights Blog has a great 3 part series on the American Despot. Part I here, Part II here, Part III is to come. Some excerpts from the posts:
Power is a drug addiction of epic proportions in our government. We know that these same people will not surrender the power they have accumulated to themselves. We can conclude that these same lusty people will not remove the violations of our freedoms. The operative word both major parties are heard saying in regard to their electoral prospects is control. Both want control. That is the battle cry of both - control.
An excellent read, the 1st part deals with the Bill of Rights and the first 4 amendments mainly (amendments 10 through 14). Using simple language and historical quotes from our founding fathers it sets the stage for the tone of the whole post.

The main body of the Constitution defines the form of the federal government. The Bill of Rights explicitly identifies those activities of people which the federal government is forbidden to act upon. And just to make sure that the federal government knew its limits, the whole is capped off with the tenth amendment which reserves anything not directly apportioned to the federal government to remain within the purview of the States and the People.
Part 2 continues the theme and gets into the 14th amendment more completely and touches upon the 16th amendment (taxation) also. The entire two posts (with one to go) are excellently written and good reading. They are informative and provocative, enough to make you think out loud on the state of this Union. Click thru and read the posts, then read the whole blog (or what you are able). This is truly a 'thought' blog worth the time and energy spent perusing it.
Reason among tyranny

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