Sunday, November 5, 2006

World- Iraq / Israel

I know everyone is running with the Saddam verdict, but I'll just link to the yahoo link, since it's where I first saw it.

Iraqi tribunal sentences Saddam to hang By HAMZA HENDAWI, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 26 minutes ago BAGHDAD, Iraq - Saddam Hussein was convicted and sentenced Sunday to hang for crimes against humanity in the 1982 killings of 148 people in a single Shiite town, as the ousted leader, trembling and defiant, shouted "God is great!" ADVERTISEMENT As he, his half brother and another senior official in his regime were convicted and sentenced to death by the Iraqi High Tribunal, Saddam yelled out, "Long live the people and death to their enemies. Long live the glorious nation, and death to its enemies!" Later, his lawyer said the former dictator had called on Iraqis to reject sectarian violence and refrain from revenge against U.S. forces.

Iraqi tribunal sentences Saddam to hang - Yahoo! News

Also news from Israel:

Israeli PM: Gaza offensive will continue By RAMIT PLUSHNICK-MASTI, Associated Press Writer Sun Nov 5, 7:40 AM ET JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ehud Olmert pledged Sunday to press ahead with Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip until the army significantly decreases Palestinian rocket fire on Israel. ADVERTISEMENT In new fighting, Israeli troops killed two Palestinians, including a Hamas gunman, raising the death toll to 46 Palestinians in the 5-day-old operation in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun. One Israeli soldier has been killed.

Israeli PM: Gaza offensive will continue - Yahoo! News
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