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From LGF:
Pakistan Senate Passes Women's Rights Bill

Pakistan took a step out of the Dark Ages yesterday, but you can be sure Islamists are already plotting violence in response: Senate passes women’s bill; MMA amendments rejected. (Hat tip: Shr_Nfr.)
One small step for women's rights in Pakistan, but a very needed one. Let's hope they can continue to improve in the face of the seething that will commence.
Via InstaPundit:
November 24, 2006

SANDY LEVINSON: "This is the perfect time for Speaker-designate Pelosi to announce that she will sponsor a bill, ideally with the outgoing Speaker Dennis Hastert, to revert to the older Succession in Office Act that was replaced in 1947 with the present one. This would indeed make Condoleezza Rice the designated successor were the vice presidency vacant. It would represent an act of high statepersonship and, as much as any single act could do, establish that she means it when she describes the arrival not only of new leadership, but a new public-spiritiedness to replace naked partisanship."
Mike Rappaport agrees. Any idea that can draw the support of both is worth thinking about.
Wow, a bi-partisian response to something. I'd guess there's little to no chance that Pelosi would follow this advice. (it would after all potentially help the Repubs).
Madonna (the anti-christian) over at Ace:
Madonna Preaches "Authentic Teachings of Jesus"

In a bleeped line, she seems to say, "Just go to Texas and suck George Bush's ----."{removed. LN}

Similar to Jesus' line, "It is harder for a rich man to enter Heaven than it is for ox to pass through the eye of the needle while it is simultaneously sucking the prick of a dispeptic llama."

This sort of sub-moronic agitprop from low-functioning celebrities trying to cling to the edginess of a youth they can barely remember -- well, who really cares, apart from Madonna's Apostle St. Andrew of the Sacred Butt-Plug?
He has more on the story plus some quotes. Madonna is a very disturbing person, for a number of reasons (her 'religion' being but the biggest).
From Townhall Blogs:
Schumer's Plans
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 9:06 PM

Chuck Schumer is really the Dem's Senate Leader --he built their 51-49 majority, after all, not Harry Reid-- so Schumer's agenda deserves some close scrutiny. They key bits:
Follow the link for the items. Pretty 'conservative' agenda from what is listed.
Jay from StoptheACLU writes:
Berkley Nativity Update
by davef on 11-24-06 @ 5:15 pm Filed under ACLU, Church And State, News, Christmas

Cross Posted from Revealing the ACLU: Last month I wrote about a group called STAT (Stop The ACLU Tyranny), who was fighting to preserve the Nativity Scene in the city of Berkley. The city Nativity Scene, like so many others, had come under attack from the ACLU.

Well, Monday Night The Berkley City Council voted on this issue.
He has the whole scoop and I'd agree that this is a definite loss for conservatism. But looks like the fight isn't over just yet!
Video at BlogsofWar:
The description from YouTube:

Footage from Dutch Commandos raiding a suspected IED facilitator in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. On the way back to base they get ambushed.

Ps. yes there is a American ODA member in the vid, he was attached to the Dutch unit.

It’s a pretty hardcore firefight.
Follow the link to see the video (not going to steal his link [heh]).
Good Richard Opines: least not without deep pockets, a full bench of spies and a death wish.

Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has died by poisoning. AP has the story.
With links and quotes to the AP story, it's a good read.
Rangel via Pruden from JS at Observations:
Mr. Rangel's disgust is misplaced. Anger at the disproportionate share of sacrifice overlooks the fact that this is a volunteer army and the soldiers are where they want to be. Mr. Rangel may be right that a lot of mamas don't want their boys to grow up to be soldiers in Baghdad, but it's also true that a lot of mamas don't want their boys to grow up to be congressmen. -- Wesley Pruden
Just a good all around quote to have.
Somber mood from Buffalo:
A Gray Day
I didn’t exactly spring from bed this morning to greet what wonderment and discovery the day might hold for me. It was more a slow, painful, joint-creaking, unwilling return to consciousness. A good thing a mischievous poltergeist didn’t come to visit last night, strewing obstacles throughout the rooms. It wasn’t until after I drenched the mind numbing ravages of sleep with a hot shower that I was able to open my eyes enough to see.
Read it all. While I don't agree with much of what Buffalo says (and he doesn't agree with me either :) he is a good writer and makes you think.
HotAir gives us:
CREW posts transcript of 1988 Hastings impeachment proceedings
Conyers is the incoming chairman of the Judiciary Committee so it’s his statement you’re looking for. It starts on numbered page 12 and runs through page 18. Highlights: all the new evidence that came to light after Hastings’s acquttal at trial at the top of page 14; the not-at-all suspicious escape from Washington towards the bottom of page 15; and his openness to the possibility that the charges against Hastings were trumped up for racial reasons — until he looked at the facts and realized the guy was guilty as sin.
Read the comments (heh).
The Captain sez:
Empty Seats Defy The Realists

In the last few months, many in the US have been urging the Bush administration to open direct talks with Syria and Iran on security issues in Iraq, among other issues. They have stated that we have to engage with Syria in order to stabilize Lebanon as well as Iraq. However, Michael Young of the Beirut Daily Star writes in the London Times that Syria's record of assassinations in his country should signal the US that no partner for stability and democracy exists in the Assad regime:
He goes into great detail on the issues here. Read it all.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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