Wednesday, November 29, 2006

UN HRC weighs in on the Israel/Palestine 'cease-fire'

The U.N. Human rights council weighed in on the cease-fire in Gaza in the Jerusalem Post
Nov. 29, 2006 13:52
UN rights chief: Cease-fire good first step

The United Nations' top human rights official called the cease-fire agreement reached last week between Israelis and Palestinians "indispensable" to reducing the threat facing civilians on both sides.

However, Louise Arbour told the global body's rights watchdog that the crisis Israelis and Palestinians are facing will not be resolved through short-term solutions.

"Addressing and resolving the human rights in the region cannot be held hostage to either stopgap measures that may be revoked, or to a resolution of the political crisis that may prove still someway off," said Arbour, the UN high commissioner for human rights.
While the cease-fire may indeed be a good thing, it isn't helpful that the UNHRC is already trying to condemn both sides in the public eye, without listing any of the 'human rights' issues it points to. There is no mention of kidnappings, suicide-bombers, missles/rockets fired into civilian populations, etc. There is no mention of the 'human rights' issues that Israel is accused of either, but in the MSM those are understood 'truths' these days. Peace will never be achieved in the Middle East until and unless the UN or at least the 'free' countries of the world recognize that firing rockets into civilian populations purposefully to inflict civilian casualties and suicide bombers detonating themselves in civilian centers is in no way equal to military retaliation where collateral damage occurs.
Collateral damage is always to be abhorred for the senseless tragedy it is, but it is not the same on any level as the wanton destruction that occurs with targetting civilians by terrorists and groups that support them. Until world leaders have the gumption to stand up and decide that terrorism is wrong, both in policy AND in public; then these things will contine to occur. The situation in the ME is a washing-machine cycle. Sign cease-fire, fire rockets at Israel until they respond, cry to UN about Israel violating cease-fire, repudiate cease-fire based on Israel's violation, repeat.
There is never anything new to these deals, only the Israeli leader changes and sometimes the leaders of the terrorists.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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