Monday, November 27, 2006

NY Times and In God We Trust

Linking two stories from StoptheACLU today.

The first is good news from the slime-hopefully- getting-what-it-deserves department and conincidently has to do with the NYTimes.
NY Traitors
via AP
A wise ruling in the benefit for National Security. One can only hope that this ruling will make the NY Times and other MSM sources think twice before revealing classified information and tipping off terror-funding front groups. Sadly, it will probably only make them more careful about it. Hopefully we will see some heads roll on this one.
Jay posts the message from the AP, I'll just link to him so you can read it there. Basically the ruling says you can't tip terrorists off if the government tells you classified information about them. (like this will stop the NYT)

Next we have a little government 'cover-up'. Seems when the new coins were being minted, they didn't have room for the big presidential profiles and certain words. Seems the words: "In God We Trust" have been left off some coins.
Hat tip: Iowa Voice
They say it is to make more room for Presidential portriats.
The American mint has removed the official “In God We Trust” motto from the face of it dollar coin and has relegated it to the gold-colored coin’s thin edge. Mint officials said the reason for the change is to leave more room for portraits of former presidents and the Statue of Liberty.
You can view the coins here. Click on the “Edge Lettering” to see what they have done.
He has other quotes and news on this, read it all.

Did my Christmas shopping today. So broke again :) but done for the most part, still have some little things to pick up. Everyone have a Merry Christmas this year.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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