Wednesday, November 8, 2006

BoP Chart at top

BoP chart removed, really who cares now :)
The BoP chart at the top has 2 *'s indicating races are still in question. There are 14 R held seats (I think, can't find much except that 14 seats are still in doubt, 2 of those could be in Georgia and be D held) and 2 Senate seats still in doubt.

Everyone is reporting 0 independents in the House (I could have sworn that there was 1 that won last night, but I'm changing to 0 just to be like everyone else [heh]).

Hopefully Republicans won't become the new moonbats after this election. We'll see if any of Pelosi and Reids comments pre-election hold up in the Democratic Congress. I expect not alot will get done (not much different than the last two years) but hopefully they will suprise me.

I would like to congratulate all the winners (whether R,D,I, or whatever) on hard fought victories. The Allen-Webb campaign was pretty much the only real bad spot in the national races (sure there was slinging in alot of them, but nothing compared to what those 2 candidates did/said). I would also like to thank EVERY voter who made it a point of voting and excerising their duty to the people of this country. Whether you believe with me or against me, I appreciate your level of interest and dedication to your candidate of choice.

We'll see what the next two years brings us and in a few weeks, we'll have new horses to start preening over for the White House in '08.

Again, congrats to the Dems for their takeover in the House and apparent take-over in the Senate (still technically too close to call, but as you see, I've put the 2 points in the D's).
Jay over at StoptheACLU has more on this and his sentiments for the new Democratic congress and what they should do.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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