Friday, November 17, 2006

Boehner elected House minority leader

via HotAir
By a landslide, according to Fox. So much for the Mike Pence groundswell.

Will the GOP make it a business-as-usual two-fer by reinstalling Blunt as whip? Stay tuned!

Seems that not many Republicans understand the nature of their defeat in this past election and are doomed to repeat their mistakes. Pence at least would have offered a new direction to the party and new hope that they would at least begin to listen to the people that have put them where they are. Alas, it's not to be. I'm hoping that someday soon the Conservative party emerges from the ashes of what the Republicans are trying to make of themselves. I still think the Republican party is better than the Democrat party, but both parties are going away from conservative values (not so much in their campaigning which was full of conservative values [pro-life/guns/constitution/speech, national defense, lower taxes, tougher on illegal immigration], but on their policies which do not seem to stack up to the rhetoric they use to garner said votes.

Neither party has shown the capacity or gumption (balls) to get it done when in a position to do so (ie, Pelosi backing Murtha for Majority leader). We'll have to see if the Dems are serious about changing Congress from corruption (see Murtha, Reid, Conyer, et. al) or not; but my best guess would be a resounding NO. In '08 we'll have the same election as we had this year, except the shoes will be on different feet and we'll all try to pick the least corrupt people to vote for.

[vote was 168-27 according to Hotline blog]

Update: More at BlogsOfWar and Good Richard's Almanac

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