Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Trackbacks with Haloscan

MKH over at TownHall blogs posted a snippet that she enjoyed. It was the conservative vid that I posted a couple days ago (scroll down) and I wanted to trackback to her and let them know I had posted that also.

I use haloscan since blogger doesn't have trackbacking and have no problems tracking StoptheAclue or others, but I cannot trackback townhall at all.

I get an error that says the trackback link was not detected by the server to be in the link (or some such). Can anyone out there help me with this?


ps> also i can't get Technorati to acknowledge I've updated, I have my site settings like they say, I have tried Ping-o-Matic! to ping them and still in technorati it says updated 24 days ago. Any help here either? :)

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