Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Former General says US shouldn't support Israel's Right to Self-Defense

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Wesley Clark: U.S. Support for Israel in War on Hezbollah a 'Serious Mistake'

Thanks to an alert reader, we'd like to direct your attention to a speech that Retired U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark delivered at The University of Alabama on Friday. The former presidential candidate and current military analyst for Fox News had this to say about U.S. foreign policy and the Israeli war with Hezbollah:

There's a lot of demonstrations out there against the American government and its policies. We've made some serious, serious mistakes, the latest being - it's hard to pick the latest - but one of them, recently, was the one where we sided with the Israelis in that air campaign in Lebanon. And instead of stopping the bombing, we were cheerleading it. It hurt Israel, it hurt Lebanon, and it hurt us. It helped Iran.

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Jai said...

Clark didn't say we shouldn't support Israel. Your headline is bogus.

Oh, and while I'm here... he's not a "former" general. He's a retired general.

Lord Nazh said...


same thing

His speech and that of his speeches before make his point that we shouldn't support Israel's self-defense against attack and should instead support the 'stopping' of bombing. The bombing would not have happened without Hezbollah's actions, not Israels.

Regardless, thanks for the comment.


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