Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why do you hate Johnny Manziel?

Mr. Johnny Manziel, the returning quarterback for the Texas A&M University Aggies, has been in the spotlight since November 2012. He led his teammates to a win against Alabama, and the lore began.

Johnny Football (via JP)
Winning the Heisman trophy placed him in the spotlight. All of a sudden, this 19 year old kid is standing on the top of the world, yet many despise and actually hate this young man for the attention he receives, and the opportunities that are available to him. His family is upper middle class, so he can go to NBA games and have many other chances to do fun things, like go to casinos, and date supermodel looking women. The press swarms him to ask him questions. He goes to frat parties at other universities wearing NFL jerseys, and you the fan just goes crazy.

It begs the question: Why do you hate this (now) 20 year old kid, who acts like a 20 year old college kid? That part is the easiest to answer: you're jealous. Jealous of his exploits, jealous that there are no consequences, jealous that when you were 20, you couldn't do those things, jealous of his talent, jealous of his family's wealth, you are just jealous, and that's your problem.

Young Johnny has done some pretty dumb things since the season ended in January, but are they really more or less dumb than the crap you pulled when you were 20 and in college? Think about that, I can certainly admit, I was irresponsible when I was 20, and did things I look back on and say, "Could you have been any more stupid"? How can I get angry at a kid living life to the fullest while he can? The better question is, How can you?


James Higham said...

Er, I don't know enough about him to hate him.

Lord Nazh said...

I think Ray is talking to the 'haters' there James :)