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Celeb o'the Day - Sylvie van der Vaart

Sylvie van der Vaart
Sylvie van der Vaart

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Congrats to the Kentucky Wildcats!  First win over Tennessee since 1984 and first at home since 1981.

Yes, we got jobbed on that 'fumble' call (clearly a fumble, UT clearly recovered) but we played awful the whole game and Kentucky wanted it a bit more.

1-26 in the last 27 years... Time to start a new string.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Name that Party

QUITMAN, GA (WALB) - 12 former Brooks County officials were indicted for voter fraud. The suspects are accused of illegally helping people vote by absentee ballot.(link)
Short story so I can't quote much of it; but the three (3) paragraphs seem to never mention the party of the offenders. Name that Party (TM) used to be a regular here and on Don Surber's blog

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Football Picks of the Week

8-0 in the SEC last week (41-9, 82%), 3-1 T25/US (19-13, 59.4%)


Tennessee travels to Kentucky: A bowl game is on the line for the Vols and #27 in the streak (wins by UT over KY); Bray should be closer to 100% and UT's defense is much better than Kentucky's: UT 31 - KY 13

#1 LSU vs #3 Arkansas: Huge matchup of prolific offense (Ark) vs prolific defense (LSU), This is at LSU so there's a huge edge right there, along with the fact that LSU's offense is 5x better than Arkansas' defense: LSU 27 - Ark 20

#2 Alabama at #24 Auburn: Semi-final game for the Tide in their quest to the National Title Game. Auburn won last year on Cam's greatest comeback, but he's no longer there and the Tigers have a lot of trouble stopping the run (uh oh for them, ala Trent): ALA 35 - AU 10

#13 Georgia at #23 Georgia Tech: Georgia will give up 300+ rushing yards to Tech and still win: UGA 28 - GT 25

Vanderbilt at Wake Forest: Bowl game elimination game for Vandy; after being pissed off all week for the way the UT game ended, they'll start out on fire; it won't last, but the lead will hold up: Vandy 21 - Wake 17

Florida State travels to Florida: Florida is a mess; their offense is in the skids and they can't stop the run: FSU 35 - UF 20

Ole Miss at Mississippi State: Nutts last game for Ole Miss; you'd think it would inspire them to send him out with a win; you'd think wrong: MSU 20 - Miss 7

#17 Clemson at #12 South Carolina: Clemson got bombed by NC State last week; SC wins, but they are missing their most important player (Lattimore): Since this game is at home, I'll give SC the advantage over the reeling Tigers: SC 20 - Clem 19

#8 Houston stays unbeaten against a rough Tulsa team on the road;
#5 Virginia Tech takes the ACC Coastal (?) with a close win over Virginia
#9 Oklahoma makes Iowa State remember that it isn't that good;

US: Texas A&M takes out #24 Texas

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Football Picks of the Week

6-1 SEC last week (33-9, 78.6%) 1-3 T25/US (16-12, 57.1%)


Tennessee at home against Vanderbilt; UT needs to win this one and the last one against Ky to get to a bowl and have a .500 season; Vandy wins this one or the next (Wake Forest) and they go to a bowl. Vandy is playing better, but UT gets Bray back for this one and history is on the Vols side; UT 25 - VU 21

#12 South Carolina over Citadel; #3 Alabama over Georgia Southern; #24 Auburn over Samford; Florida over Furman; #1 LSU over Ole Miss; #14 Georgia over Kentucky : All these games will be 21+ point blowouts.

#9 Arkansas will run and gun and hold off Mississippi State; Ark 42 - MSU 35

#5 Oklahoma rolls #22 Baylor
#10 Boise St takes out frustrations on San Diego State
#9 Stanford does likewise on California

USC hands the #4 Oregon Ducks another loss and makes the LSU/Alabama rematch that much more probable.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Football Picks of the Week

Running late this week; got married last sunday :)  I'll get a pic or 2 up later

5-2 in the SEC last week (27-8, 77.1%) 3-1 in T25/US (15-9, 62.5%)


Tennessee travels to #8 Arkansas; not a good game to get on track in the SEC for the Vols :(  Arkansas has more weapons than we do. Arkansas 35 - UT 20

Florida is at #13 South Carolina; SC should beat them like a drum; somehow I don't think they will and Florida will pull the upset (and send Georgia to the SEC championship); FL 28 - SC 27

Kentucky at Vandy; elimination day for one of these teams (bowl wise) and it will be Kentucky; even with the win over Ole Miss last week; I don't think they have the defense to stop Vandy this year. Vandy 41 - Ky 30

#20 Auburn at #15 Georgia; Auburn wins, not pretty but they keep doing it; No one is hotter than Georgia lately and somehow they keep it going; UGA 25 - AU 19

Western Kentucky is at #1 LSU; ouch LSU 55 - WKU 9

Louisiana Tech at Ole Miss; Should be an easy win for Ole Miss; but nothing works like it should; La Tech 29 - Ole Miss 19

#3 Alabama at Mississippi St; trap game for the tide as they just lost to LSU and play Auburn in 2 weeks; the bulldogs are hungry and at home, too bad it's Alabama; AL 35 - MSU 12


#9 Clemson back on track against Wake Forest;
#5 Boise St rides home field against TCU;
#16 Texas slides past Missouri;

U/S #14 Kansas State loses a close one to Texas A&M

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Football Picks of the Week

4-1 Sec last week (22-6 78.6%) 4-0 T25/US (12-8 60%)


UT takes on Middle Tennessee; 45-20 UT

#1 LSU at #2 Alabama; this should be a monster game, strength on strength and athletes galore on both sides. I'm going to give the home team a slight advantage and say Bama 21-17

Vandy is at Florida: Vandy is playing lights out; Florida is reeling ... it won't matter. Florida has their number and that won't change this week: FL 30 - Vandy 25

New Mexico St is at Georgia; UGA suspended their top 3 running backs for this game so this should be close; UGA 32 NMSU 28

Ole Miss is at Kentucky: Miss starts out fast and fades; Kentucky doesn't do anything :(  Miss 28 Ky 14

South Carolina at Arkansas: Game 2 for SC without Lattimore should be much harder than the 1st one; Arkansas actually has an offense. Ark 48 SC 38

Tenn-Martin at Miss. State; Trap game and I'm not sure if State can win it; Miss St 35 - T-M 34


#3 Oklahoma St avoids the upset against #14 Kansas St
#25 Southern Miss likewise avoids one against E. Carolina
#6 Oklahoma keeps the hope alive against Texas A&M

U/S #21 Texas goes down to up/down/up Texas Tech

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Football Picks of the Week

5-0 in the SEC last week (18-5, 78.3%) and 2-2 in T25/US (8-8, 50%)


Tennessee starts another new QB (freshman this week) against #13 South Carolina. SC has lost it's #1 running back for the year and kicked off the starting QB; however, their defense is super against the pass. Doesn't look good for UT, but I'm going to say that home field and a non-Sims start prove the difference in the upset. UT 21 - SC 18

#10 Arkansas at Vandy: Vandy is playing extremely well; but that won't help them win this game, although it should be close. Ark 28 - Vandy 21

Bleacher Report
#22 Georgia vs Florida in the World's Largest Cocktail Party: Georgia is on a roll, Florida is in flames (although they do get their starting QB back); I think in this game it will be too much UGA and no running game for the Gators. UGA 31 - FL 20

Ole Miss visits #23 (really?) Auburn: Both teams are sucking up the atmosphere; Auburn was good at some point however and that's enough. AU 20 - Ole Miss 7

Miss State at Kentucky: Can they both lose? MS 12 - Ky 6


#6 Stanford rolls at USC,
#9 Oklahoma rebounds at #8 Kansas State,
#7 Oregon beats Wash St by at least 35

U/S #14 Nebraska beats #11 Michigan State

Day by Day

Monday, October 24, 2011


AP Photo/Scott Eells, Pool
Updated: October 24, 2011 | 9:43 p.m.
October 24, 2011 | 9:30 p.m.
Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry unveiled a sweeping economic agenda Monday highlighted by a plan to level a voluntary 20 percent “flat tax” on all taxpayers who will accept it in place of what they’re paying now. (link)

Until I can read the proposal myself, I can't comment to much on it, but it sounds like a turn in the right direction at least.

And we have Herman to thank for finally getting the R's to start thinking of doing away with the tax system we now have.

Celeb o'the Day - Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani

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Day by Day

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celeb o'the Day - Leah Renee

Leah Renee
Leah Renee

Photo from HeartIt
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Day by Day

Football Picks of the Week

Chasing the Gold
4-1 in the SEC last week (13-5 72.2%) and 3-1 on T25/US (6-6 50%)


Tennessee is at #2 Alabama: same as last week, we gotta rely on Simms at QB and they have a great defense and offense. I think the game will stay close until the 4th but Bama wins 31 - 17

#20 Auburn is at #1 LSU: LSU is without its best defender and running back; but should still have enough defense to stop AU's backup QB; LSU 21 - AU 10

Kentucky gets Jacksonville State at home: Kentucky is pretty much one of the worst teams in college; but they should take this game; KY 20 - JSU 19

#9 Arkansas travels to Ole Miss: Ole Miss had 184 yards of offense against Bama; expect that to go up against a weaker Hogs squad, but look for Arkansas to unleash firepower on Ole Miss; Ark 44 - Ole Miss 30

Army travels to Vanderbilt: Normally an Army pick here would be safe, but Vandy is playing great D and found some of an offense last week so... Vandy 24 - Army 13


#3 Oklahoma holds off offense-minded Texas Tech
#8 Stanford pounds #25 Washington (at Stanford)
#22 Georgia Tech bounces back against woeful (this year) Miami

U/S #16 Michigan State stops #6 Wisconsin cold

Friday, October 14, 2011


Earlier I spoke about Cain's 9-9-9 plan and how I liked the idea (since their is no fully fleshed out plan yet, can't comment on it exactly; but at least he's looking to do something). Now Rick Perry (my 1st choice since Sarah isn't running) has come out with his Energy plan and it's quite possibly what he needs to get back to front-runner status.
Rick Perry
Energy powers the economy. Nations that can produce energy possess real wealth, if they can exploit it. Getting the US back into energy production in a serious way would probably have similarly broad effects to your getting the stable and well-paying job. Our downgraded credit gets upgraded again because we’re making rational choices about the lifeblood of the economy again. Obama’s push to a green economy was not rational; that technology isn’t ready to power an economy of our size yet and won’t be for a long time. So we become rational economic actors again by unleashing our energy sector. Increased supply pushes energy prices down, which helps every family and business in the country, which broadens the tax base, which helps alleviate the deficit (if spending is brought back into sane levels). Energy producers like Venezuela and Russia have to respond to the new American competition with expanded production, or price cuts, or both. So energy prices get more downward pressure. America’s stepped up production helps bring market forces to bear on the global economy in a good way.(link)
Read it all. The Tatler has a great take on it. It's the kind of plan that could coalesce a campaign and make a President. Tags: ,

Celeb o'the Day - Crista Nicole

Crista Nicole
Crista Nicole Wallpaper

Crista Nicole
Crista Nicole Female Celeb

Crista Nicole
Crista Nicole Irony

Crista Nicole
Crista Nicole Just Galleries
Hoping for inclusion to Rule 5

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Football Picks for the Week

5-1 in the SEC last week (9-4 69.2%) and 3-1 on T25/US (3-5 37.5%) ack, on to the pics


#1 LSU at Tennessee: We've lost our QB, best WR and best RB (although the run game sucked anyway). Our defense is still good, but not good enough to beat the Tigers without a lot of help :(  LSU 25 - UT 11

#15 South Carolina at Mississippi St: All the 'experts' are picking State to take this one at home; I see no reason to believe in a 'resurgence' at State after watching them play and SC is fired up; SC 31 - MSU 20

#2 Alabama at Ole Miss: Ouch, really nothing to say here; Bama 41 - Ole Miss 7

Florida at #24 Auburn: Auburn is reeling after giving up against Arkansas, Florida is beat up after two straight hard losses; Florida (behind a 2 qb system) will rebound and send AU out of the T25  FL 20 - AU 14

Georgia at Vanderbilt: Three weeks ago this looked close; not anymore; Georgia 38 - Vandy 14

From the Bleacher Report
T25 picks

#6 Ok State rolls #22 Texas;
#9 Oregon beats #18 Arizona State
#12 Georgia Tech remains unbeaten against lowly Virgina

Upset special (US)
#23 Michigan State stops #11 Michigan and Robinson and ends the big blue's unbeaten season (re-instituted my original pic because 'we' don't use betting lines in college per my 'boss')

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Football Picks for the Week

OU Cheer Squad
4-3 last week on the SEC (and 0-4 on the T25) so not a good start ><  heh

Tennessee takes on Georgia at Knoxville... UT passes away with it 35-28
Mississippi State gets over the hump against UAB 28-10
#18 South Carolina starts a new QB; too bad for Kentucky they don't :(  SC 30-6
#17 Florida is at #1 LSU; defensive battle .. LSU 20-18
#15 Auburn is at #10 Arkansas; Auburn has no offense; Arkansas has a great comeback last week.. Arkansas holds on at the end 24-21
And Vanderbilt is at #2 Alabama.. nothing to say here Bama 42-3

Top 25:
#3 Oklahoma over #11 Texas
#14 Nebraska crushes Ohio State
#21 Virginia Tech beats Miami

Upset Special
Missouri takes #20 Kansas State

Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Celeb o'the Day - Sara Leal

Sara Leal
Sara Leal - The other woman?

Photo from Fox Entertainment

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Atlanta Braves

Dan Uggla (from ESPN)
September 1st of this year. Atlanta (81-55) is leading the wild card chase by 8 1/2 games over St. Louis (73-64) and is on a roll having won 2 in a row and 9 out of the last 12. St. Louis was also doing well, but at 7 wins in 12 tries were losing ground in the race to be the last playoff team.

Fast forward to the last day of the season. St. Louis beats Houston by a count of 7-0 to go to 90-72 (a run of 17-8 to finish the month) while Atlanta falls in 13 innings to MLB leading Philadelphia 4-3 to finish at 89-73 (a fall of 8-18) to finish a whole game out of the playoffs.

The ending seemed like a moot point a month ago; it would be Atlanta and there would be no doubt (with some analysts even predicting them to take it all thanks to the pitching they had going), and now there is no doubt. St. Louis earned it's trip to the playoffs and should do well now that they are there.

Atlanta will have to regroup; try to hold onto their talent and develop some offense for next season. If not, it'll be the same sad story next year.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


In the "I wish you would die" category:
Samantha Geimer
Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski apologizes to the woman he sexually assaulted when she was a 13-year-old girl in a new documentary that premiered Tuesday night at the Zurich Film Festival.
"She is a double victim: my victim and a victim of the press," he said in Laurent Bouzereau's "Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir," according to the Hollywood Reporter.
From Fox.
Fuck you Roman!

Pretty much sums up my feelings on the man who drugged and anally raped a 13 year old girl, then ran away.
(cross-posted at Orphans of Liberty)

Football Picks for the Week

Via BleacherReport
College (SEC some Top 25 and 1 upset special)

Buffalo travels to Tennessee; UT takes it 52 - 17
Texas A&M is at Arkansas; A&M 38 - 31
Miss. State is at Georgia; Georgia finds a way 21-20
Kentucky @ LSU; LSU smothers Kentucky 31-10
Auburn at South Carolina; Lattimore outscores Auburn and SC wins 35-20
Alabama @ Florida; Bama in a squeaker 17-16
Ole Miss @ Fresno State; Ole Miss should win...they won't Fresno 21-7

#16 South Florida over Pittsburgh
#8 Nebraska over #7 Wisconsin
#11 Virginia Tech over #13 Clemson

Upset Special! Northwestern ends #24 Illinois' unbeaten season.


Herman Cain
Yes, I'm still backing Gov. Perry even with his stumbles in the debates (and who really likes debates?), but the more I hear from Mr. Cain, the more I like him.

Especially his tax plan; I really wish that every candidate would back it (Sarah, when you run, listen :) because it is the one plan I've seen that I think even Democrats could get behind. (The people not the pols)

It's called the 999 plan and it basically removes all the old taxes and puts 9% tax on 3 separate things (people, business and sales)
The 9-9-9 Plan is simple, transparent, efficient, fair and neutral. It taxes everything once but nothing twice. There would be the fewest opportunities to evade the tax and the least incentive to do so. Importantly, the plan would generate the most growth and jobs and provide certainty to the engine of economic growth — the business sector.
Read the rest here. It's a great plan by someone who knows how to run a business.

With his upward movement lately; Mr. Cain may indeed be a player when the voting starts.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

From the Email

vom Haus Merkel
An old German Shepherd starts chasing rabbits and before long, discovers that he's lost. Wandering about, he notices a panther heading rapidly in his direction with the intention of having lunch.

The old German Shepherd thinks, "Oh, oh! I'm in deep shit now!"

Noticing some bones on the ground close by, he immediately settles down to chew on the bones with his back to the approaching cat. Just as the panther is about to leap, the old German Shepherd exclaims loudly, "Boy, that was one delicious panther! I wonder, if there are any more around here?"

Hearing this, the young panther halts his attack in mid-strike, a look of terror comes over him and he slinks away into the trees. "Whew!," says the panther, "That was close! That old German Shepherd nearly had me!"

Meanwhile, a squirrel who had been watching the whole scene from a nearby tree, figures he can put this knowledge to good use and trade it for protection from the panther. So, off he goes.

The squirrel soon catches up with the panther, spills the beans and strikes a deal for himself with the panther.

The young panther is furious at being made a fool of and says, "Here, squirrel, hop on my back and see what's going to happen to that conniving canine!"

Now, the old German Shepherd sees the panther coming with the squirrel on his back and thinks, "What am I going to do now?," but instead of running, the dog sits down with his back to his attackers, pretending he hasn't seen them yet, and just when they get close enough to hear, the old German Shepherd says..."Where's that squirrel? I sent him off an hour ago to bring me another panther!"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Comedy

Stolen from the comments at TheBlogmocracy (yenta-fada):
There once was a powerful Japanese emperor who needed a new chief samurai. So he sent out a declaration throughout the entire known world that he was searching for a chief.

A year passed, and only three people applied for the very demanding position: a Japanese samurai, a Chinese samurai, and a Jewish samurai.

The emperor asked the Japanese samurai to come in and demonstrate why he should be the chief samurai. The Japanese samurai opened a matchbox, and out popped a bumblebee. Whoosh! went his sword. The bumblebee dropped dead, chopped in half. The emperor exclaimed, "That is very impressive!"

The emperor then issued the same challenge to the Chinese samurai, to come in and demonstrate why he should be chosen. The Chinese samurai also opened a matchbox and out buzzed a fly. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! The fly dropped dead, chopped into four small pieces. The emperor exclaimed, "That is very impressive!"

Now the emperor turned to the Jewish samurai, and asked him to demonstrate why he should be the chief samurai. The Jewish Samurai opened a matchbox, and out flew a gnat. His flashing sword went Whoosh! But the gnat was still alive and flying around. The emperor, obviously disappointed, said, "Very ambitious, but why is that gnat not dead?" The Jewish Samurai just smiled and said, "Circumcision is not meant to kill."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget!

A tribute to a time now dead; when Democrats were anti-Republican, but pro-American. A time when national security was something thrown into a debate simply to highlight a weakness, not something that would make or break a race for office.

A time when my only concerns in life were to my wife and upcoming child (daughter was born in Dec. '01). When muslims were only thought of in passing by most, and not at all by some. A time when the country was still reeling over the difficulties of Floridians in picking a Presidential candidate and the Supreme Court decision that it lead to.

A time when the world was somewhere else and rarely intruded upon the lives of the simple folk of this great land. A time of naive innocence.

All this changed in one brief, yet agonizingly long, morning in September of 2001. On that day, 19 murderers, enemies of the U.S. and all it holds dear, successfully launched an attack on the very heart of the American Dream. On that day, approximately 3,000 citizens were lost in the first major battle in a war that most did not know existed and still will not acknowledge.

No matter what side of the red/blue divide you are on; no matter where you stand in the creation vs. evolution debates; no matter what your view of the Israel/Palestinian conflict is; this day is a day to remember those that were killed in the name of Islam.

This is the day to say to your children that the U.S. will NOT back down; will NOT lightly lose 3,000 of it's precious peoples. On this day, 10 years ago, the country became one like it has only a few times in the history of this great land. That should be remembered ... and mourned.

With so many of our 'great' leaders so quick to make cheap the sacrifices of the nation, the people and specifically the ones who died; take time out to tell your loved ones, your neighbors, your friends, exactly what they mean to you. Treat them with the respect and kindness that you would want to be treated with and NEVER let them forget who the real enemy is.

~Lord Nazh [I'll never forget!] (this caused quite a bit of controversy the first time, but it is simply my tribute; if you don't like it, don't fucking read it, kthx [edited for years])

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Xbox gamer dies

Sad story:
From 3tk
The family of a budding computer programmer have on Saturday launched a campaign to raise awareness about the health risks of playing online computer games after their son died following a marathon session on his Xbox.
A post-mortem revealed that 20-year-old Chris Staniforth -- who was offered a place to study Game Design at Leicester University -- was killed by a pulmonary embolism, which can occur if someone sits in the same position for several hours.
Deep vein thrombosis normally affects passengers on long-haul flights, but medical experts fear youngsters who spend hours glued to their consoles might also be at risk and have urged them to take regular breaks.(link)
When we play Xbox, we take regular breaks (she smokes, I just get up and walk around; fix a drink or whatever). It's not because of this, simply take breaks because of the need to move. I guess that tingle in your legs is telling you to do something.

I hope that the campaign the parents are starting will help; but ultimately it will be up to the gamers (and their parents) to fix this problem (that shouldn't exist).

Friday, July 29, 2011

Man it's Hot Today

I blame 'Global Warming{tm}':
NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth's atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed.
Read it all heh, the Forbes writer is clearly an 'denier'.

Of course climate change is happening; it always happens. Now maybe we can start to see some of the foolish AlGore-ish stuff go away (we can wish).


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying